Gilberts Nursery and Tearoom

over 40 varieties of loose seed potatoes

in stock from the beginning of January

loose onions,shallots,garlic, beans,peas,  

packets of vegetable and flower seeds



SUNDAY 27TH AUGUST  our dahlia field will be open for the National Gardening Scheme,the only time that their is a charge to enter our dahlia field,all money going to charities. 10.00am - 4.00pm. Also on hand will be a local florist  demonstrating making floral arrangements using dahlias from our field.

BANK HOLIDAY MONDAY We are open 10.00am - 4.30pm. The Courtyard Quintet will be playing their music in the dahlia field from 11.00am,and again in the afternoon.

We are a family run plant nursery & tearoom, open all year for the experienced or novice gardener.

Yes when you visit the nursery you will find us with dirty hands planting seeds etc, as  we pride ourselves on the growing of a large amount of our own plants, an experience that customers and visitors enjoy
  Experienced staff will be happy to help with any gardening  problems or help give advise for choosing the right plant for the right place.

We also stock a good selection of garden sundries,compost, fertilizer,frost proof pots.
And for the organic gardener a full range of garden products and compost.




             We look forward to welcoming you

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